As the first Mirage was a lightweight, more aerodynamic version of Ford’s GT40 concept – and the first racing car ever to employ
the use of aerospace-grade carbon fiber – we felt it a fitting tribute to develop an M1-inspired carbon aero package for the modern Ford GT.

Developed in conjunction with Ford GT project engineers, the complete package includes:
• Chin Spoiler: widened 1” on either side; mounts to
   the factory piece; weight less than 1 lb.

• Rocker Panel Side Rails: widened 1”; replaces
   factory pieces using existing factory hardware;
   weight 1 lb. (total)

• Rear Diffuser: tunnel exit lengthened 1” with a
   kick-up height increase of 1”; replaces factory
   piece using existing factory hardware; weight 8 lbs.
   (factory piece 14 lbs.)
 *Note: Unlike the one-piece factory diffuser, the
   Mirage individual-vein-design allows for left or
   right-side venturi replacement without having to
   replace entire diffuser.

$7,800.00 Plus Shipping.
For individual pricing and availability, please email to: