Whether you are looking to restore your Mirage, prepare it for vintage competition, or purchase one for your collection, no
one is more qualified to meet your needs than the FIA-registered manufacturer and period-entrant of Mirage racing cars,
Grand Touring Cars, Inc.

Mirage Restoration
We offer comprehensive restoration and repair services to assist owners in maintaining their Mirages to FIA standards of originality and preservation.

Grand Touring Cars, Inc. has unrivalled experience and knowledge in the restoration of Mirage racing cars, drawing on expertise from the same Mirage team members who campaigned the cars in period.

With our exclusive inventory of original Mirage components, molds, and blueprints, only we can guarantee that each Mirage chassis is correctly restored to its proper period specification.

Mirage Sales & Pre-Purchase Inspections
Sales and pre-purchase inspections conducted by Grand Touring Cars incorporate a comprehensive series of controls designed to guarantee maximum security and peace of mind to our clients.

Each Mirage is meticulously inspected, prepared, and presented for sale to Grand Touring Cars’ renowned cosmetic and mechanical standard of care. Each inspection is accompanied by a detailed list and pictorial history of all checks and authorized repairs performed.

Authentic Mirage Parts The Heritage Center houses the world’s largest collection of NOS and OEM Mirage parts, as well as authentic Gulf-Mirage racing memorabilia. On hand are nearly 3,000 separate Mirage components―from major assemblies like bodywork, gearboxes, and uprights, to NOS gauges, light bulbs, and electrical relays. Each part is in NOS condition, reconditioned to new factory specification, or made new from original Mirage drawings and molds. And as the FIA-registered manufacturer of Mirage racing cars, only our newly manufactured Mirage replacement parts are recognized as authentic.

Mirage Chassis History SearchIn addition to formal chassis verification and certification, we are pleased access your Mirage’s original build sheets, race records, and other period archival data. Please contact us with your Mirage model and chassis number.