An important function of the Heritage Center is to issue certificates of authenticity to Mirage racing cars. Not only is verified authenticity key in assigning value to a Mirage, but also in determining its eligibility for Historic FIA competition. As the FIA registered manufacturer of Mirage racing cars, the certificates issued by Grand Touring Cars, Inc. officially attest to each Mirage’s authenticity and also provide important documentation for owners and prospective buyers should the car ever be sold.

During the certification process, each Mirage undergoes a thorough inspection at Grand Touring Cars, Inc. in Scottsdale, Arizona. Using our extensive historical archives, a small team directed Harley E. Cluxton III, President of Grand Touring Cars, evaluates the
technical characteristics of each car submitted for certification. This technical examination of the car is obviously critical because it reveals whether the car is correctly sorted and if its chassis, engine, gearbox, transmission, suspension, brakes, wheels, bodywork and interior are original or at least comply with original Mirage specifications.

Upon completion of this technical review, a list of suggested changes is submitted to the car’s owner who may choose to have these changes made. Finally each Mirage that has undergone certification will receive
a binder documenting the process along with an official letter of authenticity and copies of original factory build data and race-records.

To inquire further about the certification process, please email to: gtcmirage@aol.com